A few years ago I was told of an event that had a very profound effect and even today it causes me to reflect on how we, as humans, act/react under extreme circumstances.

I got a phone call from my oldest son early one evening.  It was immediately obvious he was shaken to the very core.  His voice was strong and steady, but there was an overwhelming sadness that wove through each word.

He spoke of driving home after work that evening.  There was a minivan on the road in front of him and suddenly from seemingly no where, a vehicle filled with teens t-boned the minivan.  Due to the traffic on the road, several vehicles immediately stopped and rush to aid the teen driven car.  My son was closest to the minivan and ran to see if he could help the driver.  When he got to the accident he could see how badly the van was mangled and the driver trapped within.  He ended up kicking out the back window and climbing over the seats to reach the injured driver.  When he got close, an elderly gentleman turned his head as much as possible and reached his hand back towards my son.  My boy was able to see the horrible physical damage to the man and he knew there was no chance of survival.  He grasp the man’s hand and held on tight.

The old man whispered “I’m not going to make it.”  Temperance

My son is an honest person and saw no reason to not be truthful so replied, “No.  I’m afraid you’re not.”

The man then gripped my son’s hand as tightly as possible and asked “Please don’t leave me.”

My boy replied, “I won’t.  I’m right here.  I’ve got you.”

They prayed together.  Then the old man asked if my son would please find his wife and tell her he loves her.  Of course my son agreed.

All of this only took a handful of minutes.  My boy relayed the story to me as soon as he got through with the ambulance personnel and his statement to the police.  Later he did find the man’s wife and passed along his message. She was grateful her husband hadn’t been alone in his final moments.

It occurred to me listening to this account, my boy never mentioned race or religion.  In a time of crisis it was simply two souls clinging to each other for strength and courage.

Well, folks, we’re all in a Time of Crisis.  I might not agree with your religious beliefs, or your political views.  I’m certainly not asking you to agree with mine.   But isn’t it a good idea to just band together and work towards making the World a better place?

Or is “being right” that important?



The World’s Not Broken

Our World is not broken.  We are.  We’ve taken a perfectly good planet with (mostly) perfectly good people and let our egos run amok.  We’ve got extreme right and extreme left governments, ideas and ideologies that serve the few and piss off the many.  Its time to do something about it.

Right here.  Right now. Today.

“They” are not the problem.  “They” did not do this to us.  We did. We let them.  We either voted for it, ignored it or we abstained from voting.  We bought into the half-truths and spins. Now there’s more information coming out that not only points to common ground but common sense.  You know.  Common sense.  That quirky little voice in your head that tells you there’s something very right or very wrong.  We’re not talking about convictions, saving the planet, or rescuing those persecuted.  We’re talking about simple, human awareness of what is true for each and every one of us.

Nothing is absolute.  No one is 100% right or wrong.  There is no black or white. There are only infinite shades of grey.  Take for instance one of my professions.  By day I am a licensed massage therapist with a solid foundation in natural healing and herbs.  I’m also a Professional Tarot Reader, a Reiki Master, and have studied Qui-Gong, Theta DNA and a wide variety of other healing modalities.  I am also a practicing Pagan and believe All is Sacred.  However, if I’m crossing the street and Karma dictates I get run over by a truck, or if I’m not paying attention and its my own damned fault, do I want a Reiki Master and a cup of herbal tea?  Hell no.  I want an ambulance and morphine.

There is a place in the middle.  Where western medicines and holistic practices meet.  Seamlessly and effortlessly.  I know.  I practice it every day.  If during a massage
or even a tarot session I discover a medical issue I’m not going to bring out the healing crystals, essential oils and think I can “fix” this.  I’m going to send them to their personal physician for consultation.  I will be happy to assist.  But cancer tumors, deadly diseases and some mental illnesses need more than I can provide.

We all want the basics.  Food.  Shelter. Warmth.  Clothing.  Family.  Those kinds of things.  We all want to give our kids a better tomorrow. We want to bequeath to them a world that has a modicum of peace, prosperity and happiness.  In order to do that we have to work for it.  We have to make it happen.  We have to start by making changes to our own lives.  Simple things like turning off a light when you leave a room.  Not running the water the whole time you’re brushing your teeth.  Cloth grocery bags.  Not taking your pet to the store if its 100 degrees F outside so you have to leave the AC on in your vehicle.  Spay or neuter your pet to avoid unwanted little ones. Recycle.  You know Common Sense things.  Things that shouldn’t be made into Law because we should all want to do it anyway.  Much like I learned growing up. Little everyday things like I taught my children.  I’ve turned off lights and carried reusable grocery bags for over 45 years.  I don’t need a government to tell me to stop being wasteful.  I need them to take their own advice.

We do this by being aware each moment of every day.  Aware of not just en21 judgmentenvironmental pollution but brain pollution.  Yes read. Definitely read.  Definitely study.  But not everything you read online is true.  Most of what we see on the news is utter propaganda.  Most of our environmental heroes are in it for the paycheck.  There is no ultimate evil.  Nor is there supreme good. And in spite of what our Prime Minister believes, (I’m Canadian eh?) buying winter coats for ISIS and having a nice sit-down isn’t going to bring us World Peace.  If you haven’t figured that out by now, you need to get with the program.  Which brings us to “No one is on a Spiritual Welfare Program.”  If you want it, work for it.  No one is entitled to what I’ve worked for unless I choose to share.  Which I am very generous.  But I choose.  No one gets to take.  Not without a serious epic battle.

Peace begins within.  Charity begins at home.  The Most Important thing we can do is Be Human.  After all, Human Being is essentially our Divinity doing just that.  Being Human and remembering what really matters is vital.  Our World.  Our Humanity.  Use that template and create the grandest version of Who You Truly Are.  Do it now.

Our State of Affairs

Today I asked about the state of North America in general. To some the Wizard’s Pets may not seem the most appropriate deck for this task. But the deck came to be from a series of drawings that took complicated, sometimes dangerous, life situations and expressed them in a way designed to give a different perspective. Most often with a bit of humor and always with a sense of hope.
Today we have the 2 of Swords giving us a snapshot of the collective situations we are facing.Swords_2_wm.jpg
We are offered choices. However no choice seems ideal. In fact, all choices appear to be down right frightening with no end in sight. We may feel helpless and sadly even hopeless. Any way forward is fraught with dangers and pitfalls. The complete lack of reason, sanity and logic surround the situations we’re being faced with. How do we proceed?
No matter how good or productive an idea, the opposition to it will never change their stand and listen. No amount of hard evidence or proof will open a mind that is closed beyond salvation. These differences divide and separate those that should be, could be, allies. A compromise is desperately needed.
Now is the time to go within. Look openly and honestly at what you know to be true and see where you can find a way forward. Allow your own natural sense of balance and rhythm to guide your thoughts, steps and actions. What is needed is a clear choice as opposed to a knee-jerk reaction. Find and nurture your sense of what serves you now and gently ask yourself how it may also serve the greater good.
There is your answer.

Another Star

Thought for the Day: This morning I realized its been a month since I posted. The last time both the Steele Wizard and the Wizard’s Pets Star card appeared. We’ve all had repeating cards. We all know to pay close attention. Star_FB
Our lives seem to be spiriling out of control headed for certain doom. The key here is “seem to be”. Remember when the prophets of doom use to wander the city streets with placards draped over their shoulders that read “The End is Near” or something similar? This continued and remains today. There is always someone somewhere gathering followers and believers that we are all going to die. It gets hard to shake that impending sense of doom the more we’re bombarded with the news. Conversations center around the destruction and chaos that seems to fill each and every corner of our lives.
If we allow it.
The Star reminds us there was, is and always will be Hope. Even when faced with certain hatred and death, there is Hope for a blessed afterlife. Recently I’ve seen chaos and destruction in my own area that shows a level of ignorance and hatred that truly defines the core of the problems we face today. Some refuse to see or listen to reason choosing instead to feel morally superior by performing some irrational act of “generosity”. Others simply soldier on doing what they can to survive and take care of their families.
It leaves us feeling helpless. Hopeless.
The Star reminds us there was, is and always will be Hope. As long as we nurture the seeds we planted so long ago. The challenge is to find a single example of beauty in your surroundings. Maybe take a stroll outside and see what spring in North America brings for flowers? Look at those you love the most and remember the bonds you share. You may have to dig a bit, but its there. Find it. Feed it. Watch it grow.
Now we Become what we choose to experience. In the face of chaos and desperation, we can choose to Be our most Authentic Self.
Blessed Mothers Day to each and every one.

Moving Along

The last couple months have reminded me of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Since surviving the alien virus, life has been non-stop. That being noted, there is one more weekend (the one coming up) which will require most if not all of my attention. After that, I’m getting out my old wooden spoon.Swords_12_knight_wm
A bit over 2 decades ago, I’d bought an acerage with a small run-down, unfinished cabin tucked inside a willow grove at the back of the property. Working 2 full time jobs didn’t leave much time for renovations and repairs, but I was beyond determined to get it livable as quickly as possible. Winter was almost upon us and it at least needed to be warm enough to work inside and finish building. I needed a kitchen, a bathroom, a furnace, a leak proof roof, and insulated walls. And I needed it all quickly.
During this time I had one week night a week off. One. On that evening after finishing one job, I’d hurry out to my ‘house’ and get started working on it. I had enough lights strung (the place DID have electricity, but not much else) I could work through most of the night. Everything I owned was stacked in the center of the one big room as that was the only place the roof didn’t leak. I began sorting through the boxes looking for my little jig-saw and it was not where I remembered leaving it the day before. As I searched I started feeling like the gods were laughing at me. Then I got cranky.
The very next place I looked, there was a 30 inch long wooden spoon laying on top of the box. I grabbed the spoon and stormed out the door, stomped my way about 20 feet away through the 8 feet tall weeds and began screaming at the heavens while stabbing the sky with that spoon. The words I shouted went something like this:
“Ok you bastards! I’ve had enough! If you can’t help me you’d better get the f@^% out of my way!”
Yes. I threatened the gods with a wooden spoon.
But it worked.
I walked back inside with as much determined dignity as I could muster. Took a deep breath and opened the closest box I’d already sorted through piece by piece and there, tucked neatly in the center, was my jig saw and all the spare blades. Right where I’d left it.
I’ve still got that spoon and I’m not afraid to use it.


Courting your Muse

Let us begin with Den Elder‘s DragonSteele Meditation for the Star.Star_FB
“If the Great Spirit were the Star, it would be the soul, searching for its higher goals in life and finding the hope and faith, that can only come from that One Source. What is your philosophy for life? What do you think about where we go in the after-body? Do you ever contemplate your hopes for the Other Side?” — © Dec 2011 DenElder, “DragonSteele Meditations”
Its been a while since we’ve had this beauty grace our group.  And on the other hand, its about time. 
The first word that pops into my head is ‘Inspiration”.  What inspires us?  Where does our Muse reside?  Do we court her or just wait for her to call? 
My Grama B and my Mom had a catch-phrase for being uninspired.  They called it a “Bad case of I-don’t-want-to”. Of course neither accepted that as fact and would chide, guilt or bully me into moving and doing something.  Even if it was cleaning.  The very act of moving would break the dreaded curse.  As with the law of inertia, once something is in motion it tends to stay in motion.
For me as a tarot reader, I cannot say I’ve ever been uninspired.  All it takes is the deck in my hands and a place to spread the cards.  As an artist, rather than lack of inspiration, it tends to be a variety of ideas competing for attention. Until it doesn’t. 
Another possibility, perhaps, is we are being ‘inspired’ to step back.  Take a break.  Just breathe.  Hang out with  your Muse and see what she’s been up to.  Play with ideas with no project in mind.  Walk in the grass.  Dig your toes in the dirt.  Lean against a tree and have a conversation.  Who knows?  The tree may lend some insights into what  you and your Muse are discussing.
In other words, court her.  Even when you’re not looking for ideas or desperate for inspiration.  Allow her access to you.  All of you. 
Then see where the Journey leads.

Steady as she goes…

Have I ever mentioned how much I love tarot? Surprize!!!! I do! I was letting my thoughts idle through to see what popped up and the only card to appear was the King of Pentacles.
I’m going to take this as a reminder that as of right now, the focus needs to be solidly grounded in our physical reality. What’s going on is substantial and will be influencing our respective lives for perhaps decades to come.
Here’s a King who thinks things through. For those of us who prefer something be done about 15 seconds before thinking of it, that can be very frustrating. So we have this guy to say “Chill.” 14_King_Pentacles_resized_wm
Pull your imagination and thoughts back and begin at home. Right here and right now. Feed the cat. Empty the trash. Pick up the clutter. Wash a load of laundry. Do the things that let your home and those who live there you’re on it. You care enough to contribute to the health and well being of your home and family. We cannot save the world any more than we can change it. We can save and change our little corners. We can drop a rock in that still pond of reality and watch the ripples move out, touch the bank and come back to us.
Renew your dedication and purpose. Keep going with solid, steady steps. Pay close attention to details…cause that’s where the Devil is hiding.
Only by doing the work can we actually expect to see results. We’re not here on a spiritual or government welfare program. We will only succeed if we’re willing to get our hands dirty (metaphorically or in actuality) and get it done.

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